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Wire Mesh

Pilot Steel offers both welded wire reinforcing mesh and pool wire mesh, also know as SteelTex.

Welded Wire

Pilot Steel carries a broad range of standard welded wire reinforcement products ("SWWR") in both rolls and sheets. When properly placed in concrete slabs on grade, SWWR helps reinforce the concrete after cracking and is a critical element in its performance. The wide variety of wire sizes (W1.4 to W/D4) and spacings that are available make it possible to furnish accurate cross-sectional areas of steel required to reinforce residential and light commercial slabs.

We carry SWWR in several standard widths and lengths, which allows us to ship your orders quickly. Requests for epoxy-coated and hot-dipped galvanized SWWR can also be accommodated.

Our SWWR products conform to ASTM A1064.


Applications of welded wire mesh reinforcement

  • Reinforcement of concrete structures in building.
  • Reinforcement of road surfaces or parking areas.
  • Reinforcement of bridge deck.
  • Making frames.
  • Manufacture of various fences.


Pool Wire - SteelTex

Paper-backed wire mesh is used in the construction and forming of in-ground swimming pools. Applied after framing, the waterproof barrier helps stabilize the excavated pool area and provides a secure backing for the concrete and limits concrete waste.


Characteristics of and Applications for SteelTex

  • Wax-coated with glass reinforcing fibers embedded
    in the paper for additional strength
  • Kraft paper combined with cloth woven from complex
    PVC flat threads, weight is 155 165g/m2
  • Very flexible for use in swimming pool construction
    as a form for gunite buildup
  • 16- gauge and 12- gauge electrically galvanized
    welded mesh
  • Also suitable for other free form applications
    such as miniature golf courses or stucco framing

About Our Company

Serving the South Florida construction market for over 25 years, Pilot Steel is a leading fabricator of reinforcing steel. We are also one of the area's largest suppliers of building accessories and wire mesh products.

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